kmarcus (kmarcus) wrote,

Finishing Things

Yesterday was a day of finishing things. Not my holiday shopping (which I have yet to start), or my grocery shopping and laundry (which I hope to finish by afternoon). But I finished teaching my first-ever course in writing books for children and I loved it. I will miss the folks who came to hear me babble, hopefully they got something out of it (they did write very nice course evaluations). I would love to teach another adult ed class, but not an hour and a half away :). The other big thing I finished yesterday was writing my first-ever chapter book. I had so much fun writing this one!!! I don't think I've ever had as much fun writing a book!! It's only a first draft and, when I get it back from a few trusted readers, I'm sure there will be tweaking to do but, after the sting if a recent rejection, this was just the fun I needed!
Here's wishing fun for everyone! Laugh, play, love!!!
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